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The Motorcycle Cannonball will be stopping in Pueblo September 19, 2016!

Picture of Shamrock Brewing Building 1913

Picture of Johnson Bros Bicycles 1913 (Shamrock Brewing Building)

Shamrock’s building was originally constructed as a mercantile building in 1908 and the first notable tenant was Johnson Bros. Motor Company in 1913. Founded as a bicycle shop, Johnson Bros. became one of the first Xcelsior dealerships west of the Mississippi. When we found out the Motorcycle Cannonball was stopping in Pueblo we invited them to the Shamrock to recreate the above photo. Stop by the Shamrock and see some of the most interesting and fully functional 100 year old motorcycles on Monday the 19th. We expect them to arrive at the Marriott sometime after 4 pm and should be at the Shamrock around 6 pm but can’t promise an exact time, after all they are riding 100 year old motorcycles. Check back or call 719-542-9974 Monday afternoon for an update.