The Brewery

Pueblo Brewery - Shamrock Brewing Company

At the Shamrock Brewery we take pride in brewing fresh craft beer with influences from around the world. Adhering to traditional Irish, American, German, English, and Belgian styles, we use the best ingredients available to produce the highest quality product at our Pueblo brewery. As an American craft brewery, we occasionally brew outside the box, creating new and unique beers that push the envelope.

Our beer recipes are formulated and brewed in house, using premium domestic and imported malted barley and other grains such as wheat, oats, and rye. Our base 2-row barley is the freshest around, malted right here in southern Colorado by Colorado Malting Company. We use the choicest hops from the Pacific Northwest and yeast strains carefully chosen by our brewer. We never use additives, preservatives, or pasteurization in our brewing process.

Our Head Brewer

Keith Hefley, our head brewer has been moving grain his whole life. Growing up on a farm in Southeast Colorado, he moved plenty of it through combines and cows before deciding to become a brewer. While attending Western State GABF Beards 2013College Keith developed a relationship with the proprietors of the Gunnison Brewery, who also happened to be connected to the biology and chemistry departments at the college. Soon he fell in love with the craft, assumed all the brewing responsibilities and won a gold medal at the GABF.

After a long stint in Gunnison and looking for a stronger production experience Keith accepted a job at the iconic Duluth, MN brewpub Fitger’s Brewhouse. While in Duluth, Keith created many beers, friends, and a family. Keith ultimately yearned for the sunshine and western lifestyle that he was used to. Luckily we convinced him to join Shamrock Brewing. Keith is excited to be back in Colorado doing what he loves.

The beer pours almost non-stop at our Pueblo brewery, so stop by and try a small 4 oz sample of each, get yourself a pint, or bring a growler or keg home to enjoy later.