Craft Beer

The Shamrock was the first craft brewery in Pueblo, Colorado and has been brewing the best craft beer in Southern Colorado since 2005. Originally founded as an Irish pub over sixty years ago, it is fitting that our Irish Red and Irish Porter are always on tap along with Steel City Gold and PAPA (Pueblo American Pale Ale).

We are passionate about craft beer and always have a seasonal or something new on tap. Don’t miss our Coconut Chocolate Porter (aka Death by Coconut, a collaboration), 3rd Street Coffee Stout (brewed with coffee from our neighbor Solar Roast), BIG PAPA (DIPA), Wee Heavy (Scotch Strong), or Ginger Baker (5280 Magazine Beer Buzz) to name a few. Come enjoy craft beer Colorado style!

Currently on Tap

Steel City Gold – Golden Ale

Craft beer doesn’t always have to be aggressive. Fresh, crisp, and clean is what this beer is all about. 5% ABV.

Irish Red – Irish Red Ale

Our Irish style red ale combines Pale, Crystal, and Melanoidin malts to produce a caramel sweetness in this smooth, easy drinking beer. Noble hops provide a mild bitterness but allow the malty caramel flavors to dominate the taste of this beer. 5.0% ABV.

Irish Porter – Brown Porter

In Ireland, especially in Dublin in the late 1700’s, this style of beer became a favorite of blue collar workers. The drink was known as “plain porter” or just “plain”. This is the drink referred to in the famous Flann O’Brien poem, The Workman’s Friend: “A pint of plain is your only man.” Dark in color, this beer contains a robust flavor from the use of caramel and chocolate malts. 4.8% ABV.

PAPA – Pueblo American Pale Ale

This American pale ale layers Columbus, CItra, and Amarillo hops over a light body so you can get intimate with them. While the hop bill remains the same, Keith will use slightly different hops throughout the year in dry hopping to keep things interesting. 6.2% ABV.

Muffin-Top Tropical Mango Wheat Ale!

Dustin has done it again- pairing 100% pure Columbian Mango Puree with an All-American classic wheat beer. Coming straight out of Monte Vista, Colorado, we showcase locally grown and malted Pale Ale malt for the base grain and layer extra healthy additions of Minnesota grown and malted, soft winter white wheat to give this beer depth of body and rich malty complexity. Harvested at the peak of ripeness this fresh mango puree has a distinct tropical, floral sweetness, with underlying hints of pine and tartness. A combination of high alpha acid hops pairs fantastically with the juicy and sweet flavors Columbian mango can bring to the table.
5.8% ABV / 18 IBU

West Coast IPA

The world of India Pale Ales is more kaleidoscopic today than ever. But it all started long ago with the West Coast India Pale Ale. Predominantly brewed with high alpha acid hops, this beer still holds onto a semi-sweet malt backbone. Balancing floral, piney and dank hops with classic malt varieties this style began to take hold across much of the west coast in the early 90’s.  They are still being produced today but are becoming overshadowed behind a curtain of nuanced, experimental IPAs that have been dominating the taps and shelves across the country. This beer is a homage to not forgetting your roots.   7.5%ABV / 70 IBU