Kids Menu

Kid Friendly Restaurant

For little people under 12

Your choice $4.95.

All kids’ meals served with a scoop of ice cream for dessert!

Pot roast
with Irish champ & vegetables

Crispy chicken strips
with pub chips

Corned beef & cabbage
with red potatoes

Grilled cheese
with pub chips

Kid’s burger
w/ or w/o cheese & pub fries

Fish & chips

Corn dog with pub chips

Macaroni and cheese

Drinks $1.00: Orange soda, Raspberry iced tea, Coke, Diet coke,  Lemonade, Cranberry or Orange juice
Shamrock’s house-made HJ Root beer: $1.50

Click the link to download our KID FRIENDLY MENU.

Shamrock Brewing is a family, kid friendly restaurant.